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HTML interview questions

HTML interview questions: 1. What is www?  This is very important term of internet. The term WWW refers the World Wide Web or in short web.The World Wide Web includes all the public Web sites connected to the Internet worldwide, including the client devices (e.g.  computers and cell phones) that access Web content. The World

10 HTML 5 Interview Questions and answers.

HTML 5 Interview Questions and answers. 1. What are HTML 5 DocType and Charset? As we know HTML 5 is not new subset of SGML , it is new version of HTML. <!doctype html> And HTML 5 uses UTF-8 encoding as follows: <meta charset=”UTF-8″> 2. How many new forms elements embedded in HTML 5? No of

HTML Events

In this blog we will discuss HTML events. First question arise what is Event in HTML? We can understand this question’s answer by an example if any user is clicking any element in HTML Page and perform any action than user is performing ‘on click’ event on this element. Below are the global event attributes


HTML Tags: In this article we will discuss HTML tags. HTML Tag Description <!–…–> We use this tag to write comment in HTML page. <!DOCTYPE> This is used to define content or document type of this page. <meta> This is use to defines metadata of an HTML document. <HTML> Define root element of HTML page.

Important Elements of HTML form

Text Area: A text area is an input element of form and similar to the text input, but allows the person who’s filling in the form to enter multiple lines of information, rather than a single line, and thus is better for free-form text entry. This is most and useful element of form. Textarea is

HTML Forms – The Input Element

HTML Forms – The Input Element In this article we will discuss input element of the form as we already discussed in last article the most important form element is the <input> element. The <input> element is used in form to take information from the users. There is many input element define in HTML form

HTML Forms & Inputs

HTML Forms & Inputs: HTML forms are used to send data to the server side for processing. So we can say HTML forms are used to pass data to a server. An HTML form can contain input elements e.g.  text box, checkbox, radio-button, submit button, text area, hidden fields for session management and more. A

HTML Table

HTML Table: If we are designing HTML page than we must have knowledge about tables. Mainly, tables are used to show data in formats. Tables used to be the most flexible layout systems available to web-designers. Table example: Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5 Example Data Example Data Example Data Example Data Example Data Basic Table

HTML Basic tags

HTML Basic tags: Heading: HTML heading tag defined h1 to h6. <h1> heading tag  </h1> <h2> heading tag </h2> <h3> heading tag </h3><h4> heading tag </h4> <h5> heading tag </h5> <h6> heading tag </h6> Title tag: HTML tag is use for define page title: Syntax: <title> Page Title</title> Example: <title> 10article</title> Head tag: Head tag

HTML Basic

General terms in HTML: Tag – This is use to tag or “mark-up” pieces of text. Element – A complete tag, having an opening <tag> and a closing </tag>. Attribute – Used to modify the value of the HTML element. The <! DOCTYPE> Declaration The <! DOCTYPE> is important tag of HTML page and doc

HTML Introduction

In this article you understand what is HTML and why we use HTML. HTML Properties: HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is not programming language. HTML is use for creating web site. HTML is a markup language HTML is used for meaning and CSS is used for presentation. Hypertext is simply a piece of text

Key board short cuts: Work without mouse

Key board short cuts: Work without mouse: 1. If you want to close any browser Tab please press: Ctrl+W 2. If you want to close whole browser window please press: Ctrl+Shift+W 3. If you press any Tab because of mistake than don’t worry just press: Ctrl+Shift+T 4. If you are working on Microsoft word to